You're missing out on great posts
You're missing out on great posts


For over 30 years, we've been on the trail of that special essence that makes B2B presentations fresh, distinct, and superior. We never tire of seeking more, for there is so much more to be had. The future is change, and vice versa. We're in the midst of it all.

Königstraße Straßenschild
Präsentationagentur K16 bei der Gründung 1989

1989 / Like every good tale, ours also starts in a garage. Well, technically, it was an apartment. Specifically, at 16 Königstraße (hence the name). Here, the young founders Eibo and Ollo began digitizing hand-written consultant slides on a PC.

1990 / A completely new force enters the stage. On one hand, Sung Koo, as a belated founding member; and PowerPoint. For K16, this is the beginning of a great romance and an ongoing transformation.

Präsentationsagentur K16 bei der Umstrukturierung zur Selbstorganisation

2019 / K16 has grown significantly and is well established in the so-called medium-sized business sector. It's time for a fresh start. As one of the first agencies in Germany, K16 takes the leap into self-organization. Since then, the collective has been in charge. Well, at least theoretically. In practice, Oktay, who has been part of K16 since 2009, initially joined as a partner and has been co-managing the agency since 2021.

KONKAV Teampicture
KONKAV Logo animiert

2023 / As Europe's largest presentation agency, K16's expertise now extends far beyond its core business. More and more clients also trust K16 for campaigns and branding. To better position this special knowledge in the market, K16 establishes the sub-brand KONKAV.

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We are 75 individuals with a diverse range of talents and abilities.

Together, we might just be the best team in the world.

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