You're missing out on great posts
You're missing out on great posts

Professional PowerPoint and Office Templates

Drive clarity

The daily business is challenging. Your office templates shouldn't be. They are your means to communicate consistently, simply, and efficiently - both internally and externally.

53 percent of office documents are not brand-compliant. However, 80 percent of them are shared externally.

Your time, your image

Good office templates are not an investment. They are invaluable.

  • User-friendly experience for everyone

  • Minimal formatting effort

  • Maximum brand conformity

  • Clearly defined rules for usage

  • Optimized for your use cases

  • Increase of productivity

We guide you from analysis to rollout

Optimized for the software of your choice

Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Google Slides, Docs, Sheets, InDesign, and more

K16 Template Training

Distinctive. Individual.

You need site management for your letter templates, customized table and text field templates, or integrated rules for brand-compliant design? With specialized tools and automation, we also advise on your very specific requirements.

Meet & Greet

„Individually crafted office templates not only facilitate seamless work in your own corporate design but also optimize the efficiency of daily business communication.“
Malte Joel, Senior Template Advisor

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