Kitchen Stories Company Presentation

As glossy as the product itself

Kitchen Stories is a cooking app that has achieved global success thanks to its video-based content. In 2019, Kitchen Stories expanded its reach by opening its cross-media platform to advertisers, introducing digital content marketing services for businesses and brands under the name stories+. To attract potential clients to these new services, a sales presentation was needed to showcase Kitchen Stories, stories+, and the diverse range of high-quality brand communication options available.

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The strategy phase was characterized by two intensive virtual workshops and close, iterative collaboration, during which the triad of company, target audience, and competition was thoroughly examined. Specifically, strategic efforts were made to articulate the relationship between Kitchen Stories' B2C offerings and the B2B services provided by stories+ in a communicative manner.

K16 designed a narrative that uses food analogies to convey not only the new offerings from stories+ but also a passion for cooking. Together with the client, a clear and structured service offering was developed, which is neatly presented in the presentation. Creatively, a high-quality, new brand design for stories+ was created, functioning within the world of Kitchen Stories. The design uses color schemes to structure the different chapters, while large-scale images of food establish a thematic connection.

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