Keyvisual für die Symbioticon mit #beyondtomorrow

Starfinanz Symbioticon Eventsupport

An Unmatched Experience

The Symbioticon is the hackathon organized by the Sparkasse Finance Group, serving as an interactive meeting point for those who want to make a difference across industries. For the fourth consecutive year, the event organizer Star Finanz Innovation Hub, has brought on board K16 as a partner. The task: to co-create the event in the areas of corporate design, project planning, and promotional materials. The requirement: everything new.

The client's vision was to establish a futuristic playground for young creatives. The challenge was to create a design language that breathes new life into the existing corporate design, making it stand out across various media. An innovative staging aimed to ensure an event setting tailored to the target audience, creating a memorable experience.

Utilizing vivid, eye-catching colors and strong typography elements from the corporate design, we crafted a design language that sets the event in perfect light. Promotional materials, banners, flyers, and advertisements were conceived with a cross-media approach. Furthermore, by employing projection mapping, we embraced a presentation form that is still not widely used – a visual spectacle that delighted our client, attendees, and sponsors alike. Conclusion: A thoroughly successful tech festival that leaves a lasting impression.

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