Merck Event and Anniversary Presentation

A story that connects

The science and technology company Merck is a supplier for display manufacturers. At one of the world's largest trade fairs for the display industry, the head of Display Solutions research gave a speech commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Society for Information Display (SID). The challenge was to creatively combine the history of SID, Merck's display division, and the development of technology in an entertaining PowerPoint presentation.

Following the client briefing, we entered into a creative workshop. The goal was to find a strong common denominator for the three different historical developments - as a basis for the storyline and presentation design. The theme, anniversary, and venue inspired three ideas from the world of cinema. The clients opted for the James Bond theme, which was also celebrating its 60th anniversary that year.

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Using the high-tech icon James Bond as a foundation, we were able to merge content from three stories and six decades into one storyline. We adapted the catchy 007 movie titles to the theme of display technology. To avoid violating image rights, we selected images in the style of James Bond and designed technology illustrations according to the respective decade. This resulted in an exceptional presentation that was entertaining while simultaneously showcasing the client's extensive expertise.

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