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Merck Redesign for PowerPoint presentation materials

Redesign goes PowerPoint

Merck, a worldwide leader in science and technology, has a rich heritage. In light of the ongoing evolution of Merck's corporate design, K16 was tasked with updating the presentation templates used globally to enhance user-friendliness. This project included the creation of slide masters for every continent, comprehensive new slide templates, and a new style guide for the online efficiency tool, empower.

Merck provided the creative foundation. For K16, the development of the presentation materials was about combining visual sophistication with increased user-friendliness.

Following an intensive joint kickoff, we launched with the initial designs. In parallel, we developed a supporting campaign for the relaunch of the materials. Through six months of intensive collaboration with our contact person, we managed to elevate PowerPoint - a tool often misunderstood as outdated - to the same design level as other media in corporate communications. The new presentation materials are as impressive as high-quality printed brochures and do not need to shy away from comparison. Thanks to their full availability in the live system empower, the materials can be used by Merck employees worldwide without extensive prior knowledge, strengthening the Merck brand both internally and externally.

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