TestSolutions PowerPoint Master and Slide Library

Pushing the brand

TestSolutions is a service provider with a focus on software testing. The company is among the few providers in the German-speaking area that offer test factory services combined with highly specialized test managers and test automation experts.

As part of the visual and strategic development of the brand, K16 supported TestSolutions in developing a new corporate identity, which forms the content foundation for the company presentation. Moreover, K16 provided TestSolutions employees with a master and a slide library as essential PowerPoint tools, allowing for easy and flexible design of their own slides. These laid the foundation for the first corporate design elements.

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Together with the management of TestSolutions, K16 developed the core messages in a kick-off workshop. A passion for detailed error analysis led to the development of the strategic vision: "A World Without Software Errors."

Based on this, K16 created a story for the company presentation that can be brought to life both in terms of content and visually.

Based on the workshop results, the K16 designers translated the themes and guiding values of TestSolutions into a clean world of wide perspectives and geometric structures. A highlight of the minimalist design is a berry red tone, providing a warm contrast to the sober visual world, along with an expressive serif font from the IT world for headlines and statements. The presentation structure was designed to mirror the program matrix of software. To this end, K16 incorporated "selection diamonds" at various points in the presentation slides, allowing the audience to choose how the story unfolds.

The outcome of the project was an interactive company presentation that enables presenters to spontaneously change their story and adapt to the needs of the audience.

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